Evangelist Russell Jones

C/O Lighthouse Baptist Church

241 Oak Grove Road

Blacksburg, SC 29702



Who We Are

We're the Jones family. We are serving full-time in evangelism, sent out of our local church, Lighthouse Baptist Church in Blacksburg, SC. Russell was called to preach in 1997, and has been preaching ever since. He graduated from Ambassador Baptist College in 2006. We have had the honor to serve under our pastor, Dr. Grady Gregory, since 2007. We believe that everything God does should be done through the local church, and as such, we fully back and support our home church and pastor.

We are fundamental, independent Baptists who believe that through the preaching of the KJV Bible, lives can be changed for the glory of God.

About Our Ministry

Our Family

Russell and Amanda met in 2002 and after a long friendship, fell in love.They were married on December 22, 2007.

They celebrated the birth of their son, Davy in October of 2009, and the birth of their daughter, Zoe in December of 2012.

Left to Right: Zoe, Amanda, Davy,  and Russell.

Ministering through evangelism and church helps

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Fun Fact

Many pastors refer to Russell as "Mephibosheth" because of his cerebral palsy. His life verse is 2 Samuel 9:13. He, too, is a lame man whom the King showed mercy.

When Amanda is asked if she is keeping Russell straight, she jokingly references Ecclesiastes 7:13.